Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Tour of the United States

Ok, Firstly I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging recently! Life is crazy here, inexcusable but its the truth.
In the last few weeks I've been travelling around a bit and seeing both the wonderful parts of the US as well as the not so great things.
Last weekend I headed up to Cleveland to see both Joshua Radin in concert as well as one of my best friends, Robin. I took the Friday off school (as you do when an exchange student) and braved the Greyhound...DODGY (No one says that here so I'm trying to make it popular). The Greyhound isn't like in SA where its a fairly decent form of transport. Instead its a lower class form of transport and with that in America comes the Hillbillys. No joke. Initailly I was way freaked out but after travelling on it for six hours each way I both confronted my own prejudices and ended up feeling quite proud of myself. When people told me here that travelling on the Greyhound wasn't a great idea I was like, "I'm from South Africa and I've travelled on the bus there. Believe me if I could do that then I can do this too." One thing I've realised that when you're away from all that you know and by yourself- you get brave. And independent. Pretty cool :)

Anyway, Cleveland was wonderful. It was so good seeing Robin again! We pick up right where we started from like we do everytime we see each other. I also met Chris which was fantastic. Great to meet someone who is a major part of her life. On my first night there we went out to the bars in Cleveland. So nice to be going to bars again! On Saturday, we walked around Rob's neighbourhood and went down to Lake Eerie. Later we went to this huge Vintage shop and almost got lost in it. Unfortunately it all go to overwhelming for me! Too many clothes! In the evening of course was the concert. Bloody fantastic! I'm more in love with Joshua Radin than before! It was also lovely to share his music with Robin.

On Sunday, I met Robin's parents who were just lovely. Again, it was wonderful to share this part of her life. Her house looked just like I imagined it would. Very American and homey.

I almost missed my bus back to Louisville! That would have been a tragic chapter in this part of my adventure but would have made for a good story.

I've just gotten back from the Kings of Leon concert in Indianapolis. Indy was so cool; it reminded me a bit of Johannesburg. Kings of Leon were phenomenal. They sound fantastic live! And the general vibe of the show was so cool even though it was raining. Maybe that's why it was so much fun!

On the way to Indy.

Outside the Verizon music centre

Sexy Caleb from Kings of Leon

This morning, I went to breakfast with Dale and Davis Straubinger. David is a very good flute friend of my fathers. It was lovely even though we only had an hour. I was really struck by how warm and generous they were.

So now I'm back in Louisville. What really surprised me was how relieved I was to be back 'home'. Of course this isn't home but in so many ways it is. Don't you love the irony in that it takes me coming 80 000 km from home to find where I belong. Gotta love it.

Anyway, I love you all.

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