Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hi there,
So this is a post about Boston which I sadly left yesterday morning. I really loved this city and I feel like its a place that I'd want to live in. Its a great student city with over 100 universities and collages. It feels like New York in terms of being able to walk everywhere but there's less chaos and noise and maybe even a little less soul. I will say that even despite the cold, I'd love to live here. Suddenly I'm entertaining ideas of studying a masters in journalism... maybe at Harvard? Anything is possible. I feel like being away I've started to realize that anything is possible with God. He has blessed me so abundantly both now and even before I left.
On thursday morning I took a train from Ipswich into Boston and I nearly died it was so cold. No joke, i was so cold that i was like, 'This is what people feel like when they're about to die'. I made it to Boston Collage. I have no idea how because like I said I've been so cold and it wasn't even snowing!

It was wonderful catching up with both old ad new Boston Collage friends! BC feels like something out of Gossip Girl with the architecture and wealth. Culture shock. A different way of live than louisville Kentucky. This being said I think I'm definitely an East Coast girl.

One day soon, I hope to come back to Boston.
P.S Post soon about DC where I am now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boston bound

Hi all,
I've given up trying to be a regular blogger. And for that I apologise. But here's a quick update:
I finished finals on thursday and left campus on saturday. Very sad but very exciting to be moving on to the next chapter of my crazy life! Today I'm leaving to go to Boston. And from there I'll go to Washington to visit with Will and Sonya. From there I'll bein Philadelphia for Christmas. And from there New York for new years. I'm leaving for South Africa on the 2nd of january. 20 days till SA!!!!!!
I will be much more dutiful about putting mu pictures up on here and on my facebook.
Love you all.